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Virtual Grand Rounds Committee


Deborah Rooney, PhD
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Ivan George
John’s Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


Nehal Khamis, MD, PhD, MHPE, FACS
King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Evangelos Georgiou, MD, PhD, FACS
Athens University Medical School, Greece


The Virtual Grand Rounds Program Committee facilitates and governs the content and implementation of dynamic, robust, and interactive distance-conferencing (utilizing various technologies) to facilitate engagement, communication, and collaboration across the AEI, with AEI collaborators, and industry partners.


  1. To establish a readily accessible forum for all AEI members to regularly connect and actively engage in learning and discourse surrounding topics relevant to the Consortium, and promote collaboration among the ACS AEIs, its committees, and collaborators.
  2. To provide technology and methods to support timely dissemination of new information and trends relating to simulation-based surgical education and related research and/or innovation.
  3. To develop, with the input of all AEI Consortium Committees, a dynamic global strategy (vision) for the adoption and use of video teleconferencing technologies in simulation-based surgical education, research, and innovation.
  4. To encourage/recruit individual AEI members to participate in multi-center collaborative research/innovation by offering each AEI (and ACS) the opportunity to initiate or participate in the Program sessions. To establish an active and meaningful forum for Consortium of AEI Members to develop, catalogue, coordinate, and analyze collaborative research studies.

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