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Application Instructions

You could be considered for membership in the Academy through two avenues:

  • You may apply directly.
  • You may be nominated by a colleague for the Academy and then complete the application.

The application period is now closed. Please email Susan Newman at, or call 312-202-5771, to receive notification for the beginning of the next application cycle, which will be approximately March 2020.

How to Apply

(Either as a result of being nominated or self-nomination)

To complete an application:

  1. Click on Apply for Membership and log in using your ACS Member ID credentials.
  2. Select the category of membership to which you will be applying: Member, Associate Member, or Affiliate Member. For information on the criteria for each category, see our Membership Requirements.
  3. Please note that once you begin an application in any category, you will not be able to change categories on your own. If you decide to change categories, you will need to contact the Academy at or 312-202-5771 to make this change. Academy staff will be glad to assist you with this.
  4. If you are a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, your may apply for either the Member or Associate Member Category. The Affiliate Category is NOT intended for Fellows. For information on the criteria for each category, see our Membership Requirements.
  5. If you previously applied to the Academy, you will have access to your previous application. You can download your previous application in order to copy and paste any of your responses, Curriculum Vitae (CV), or biosketch, and make any edits as you deem appropriate.
  6. Complete the online application. The following information is required: a personal statement, three professional references, CV, and one-page biosketch. You are encouraged to respond to each criterion relevant to your contributions to the field of surgical education. Please be sure that, if you leave any criteria question blank, this is your intention.
  7. Upload your CV and biosketch in .pdf format
    • You may upload your entire CV.
    • For the biosketch, please upload a summary no longer than one page. The summary may include highlights of your accomplishments to the field of surgical education, your positions, honors, and seminal contributions to the field.
  8. Provide the name, title, institution, and contact information of three professional references. These individuals will be contacted by the ACS Division of Education and asked to provide a letter of reference. They will be provided with a copy of your completed application, CV, and biosketch. The letters will be held in the strictest confidence, only to be shared with the Academy Steering Committee. The ACS Division of Education will not provide any information about the content of the letters to the applicant. Please note: The policy of the Academy Steering Committee states that Committee Members may NOT serve as either a nominator or a reference for an individual applying for membership in the Academy. Here is the listing of Academy Steering Committee Members.
  9. If you previously applied to the Academy, you may use the same references; however, your references will be contacted again by the ACS Division of Education and asked to provide an updated letter.

Please note: Your application WILL autosave. However, it is recommended that you “save” your work after each section, either in the navigation box to the left or at the bottom of the application. Consider creating your responses to the application questions in a Word document and then copying and pasting them into the appropriate box.

Selected Members, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members must be present at the Induction Ceremony—held annually in Chicago—in order to be in the Academy. If there is a scheduling conflict, induction would be delayed until the following year. Selected Members, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members must be inducted within three years of their selection date or they will need to re-apply to the Academy during the annual application cycle. The Induction Ceremony in 2019 will be held in Chicago on Friday evening, October 4, 2019.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact or call 312-202-5771.

How to Nominate

You will be asked to do the following:

  • Complete the nomination form providing information on the nominee and your own information.
  • Special note for Non-ACS Members. If you are nominating an individual and you are not a member of the College, you will need to create an account. Creating an ACS account only take a few minutes.

If You Are Nominated

If you are nominated, you will receive an e-mail that you have been nominated for membership in the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators. The nominator’s name will be provided. You will be invited to complete the application for membership and will be provided with a link to the application and information about the Academy.