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Suggested Readings

Bryan Richmond: Don't shut down our hospitals, get the vaccine (Opinion)
Charleston Gazette-Mail – August 18, 2021

ACS Governor Bryan Richmond, MD, MBA, FACS, writes how the Delta variant of COVID-19 is delaying surgeries in West Virginia. He encourages residents to step up and get vaccinated against COVID-19.

I'm a Louisiana Pediatric Surgeon Watching Kids Suffer From COVID. This Is Real.
Truthout – August 18, 2021

This opinion piece by Associate Fellow Jessica Zagory, MD, explains how wearing masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can help protect one of our most vulnerable populations: children.

When You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine, You're Saving Someone Else's Life
Arizona Daily Star – August 13, 2021

This opinion piece by ACS Governor Ross Goldberg, MD, FACS, shares how getting the COVID-19 vaccine can protect ourselves and allow life-changing surgeries to continue as needed.

What we now know about how to fight the delta variant of COVID
Tampa Bay Times – August 10, 2021

This column provides useful talking points for surgeons who are talking to patients about the importance of taking precautions against COVID-19, including the necessity of getting vaccinated.

How to talk to your patients about COVID-19 vaccination
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – last reviewed August 4, 2021

The CDC positions "health care professionals as patients' and parents' most-trusted source of information on vaccines," in this five-theme article on the vaccination conversation with patients.  Various venues are recommended for the discussion including in-person office visit, via telemedicine, and through patient portal messages.

How to Talk to Patients About the COVID Vaccine
MedPage Today - July 30, 2021

The authors express why delivering the message effectively is important when communicating with "vaccine hesitant patients."  In laying out the CDC's  five themes to guide this discussion, they reinforce the CDC framework that can guide clinicians to a beneficial conversation with patients.

Vaccine Persuasion – Many vaccine skeptics have changed their minds
New York Times – July 19, 2021

This summary of a recent Kaiser Health poll lays out three themes that have moved skeptical people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Kaiser Foundation Vaccine Monitor
Kaiser Family Foundation – July 13, 2021

This ongoing research report presents public attitudes about—and experiences with—COVID-19 vaccination.