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Your Well-Being throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learning to manage and mitigate burnout as a health care professional during the COVID-19 pandemic is not a challenge you have to face alone. Building resilience and well-being and practicing self-care involve systems of support, including health care organizations, colleagues, family, friends, professional societies, and more. Prioritizing well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic is necessary. 

The ACS remains committed to providing tools and resources to support you. One step you can take today is to use the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Surgeon Well-Being Index. This video guide is a useful resource for understanding how to use the Well-Being Index. To start using the tool, Associate Fellows and Fellows can use the code fellow20 and resident surgeons can use the code resident20. As always, the Well-Being Index is 100 percent anonymous—your information and score are private and your individual score will not be shared with anyone, including the ACS. Access for international members is not yet available.


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