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ACS Home Skills Kits Help Patients, Caregivers Implement Complex Care at Home during Pandemic

Some patients and their caregivers are struggling to implement complex care in the home—many without the support of home care nurses due to COVID-19 restrictions. Best practice patient education resources and skills training are available to meet these training needs.

Surgical Patient Education Home Skills Kits provided by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Division of Education Patient Education Program are a valuable resource to patients, caretakers, and health care providers. These evidence-based programs use video and booklets with step-by-step instructions and checklists to effectively support self-care postdischarge. Training for management of ostomies, feeding tubes, central lines, and complex wounds is available through digital, print, and e-learning programs. Surgical professionals have identified these skills kits as effective self-care resources that reduce complications and improve confidence in care and patient satisfaction.

Surgical Patient Education Home Skills Kits are available on the ACS website, and links also may be placed on your website as well as sent directly to a patient electronically or via their portal. The electronic resources, including the new e-learning courses, are offered at no charge. The kits with simulation equipment can be purchased and sent directly to a patient, and are covered by patients’ health savings accounts.

Add these links to your website and refer patients, caretakers, and health care providers to the following resources:

Each of the Wound Programs in the preceding list includes a comprehensive booklet and access to all of the following skills videos: