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Video Script

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The following script can be used to film a short, informal video directed at patients. It is for use on your personal or professional social media channels, or to post on your practice website. The goal is to leverage your trusted voice to help instill confidence that it is safe and critical to return for necessary care and surgery.


  • Optimal length for the video is 60 seconds or less. The script is to be used as a guide and may be adjusted to fit your personal tone and style.
  • Be cognizant of your background and lighting, as well as your pace of speech.
  • If interested in sharing on social media, we recommend posting the video with a short, succinct caption, such as—“An important message for returning to the hospital for non-COVID related care.”


  • Hi, everyone. It’s [insert name], coming to you from [insert city and practice/hospital name].
  • I have been hearing a lot of concerns from the community as hospitals start to resume essential operations.
  • And I wanted to take a moment to reach out to provide some comfort and clarity during this uncertain time.
  • I understand your concerns as a patient but want to assure you that we are prepared, and our number one goal—always—is to keep you safe.
  • Hospitals, including [insert your hospital system/practice name], are taking extreme precautions as we resume essential surgical procedures.
  • Please do not delay necessary care that is critical to your long-term health.
  • I am here for you as a resource and want to answer any questions you may have. In addition, I have posted a link on [my website, Twitter, etc.] to a patient resource created by the American College of Surgeons that you can use when speaking with me or another physician about returning to the hospital for care.
  • Stay safe, stay healthy. Thank you.

Download the toolkit