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Additional Considerations

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The following are additional tactics to consider for helping ease patients’ minds as they return for necessary care in the current COVID-19 environment.

Hospital or Practice Check-In Process

Film short video(s) showing patients what they can expect as they enter the facility.

General Summary of Safety Procedures

Consider sharing an overview of what is different in the time of COVID-19, including a high-level summary of some of the measures that your hospital or practice is taking; this could be shared via an e-newsletter to patients and/or posted to your website and social media channels.

Patient Success Stories

Ask patients to share their success from a recent operation on their personal social media channels, or request permission to feature a pull quote or short video testimonial on your website or social media channel

Please note: Please keep in mind HIPAA laws and ensure you come to mutually agreeable terms with the patient in writing.

Download the toolkit