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Patients, are you apprehensive about returning for surgery

New tools available to guide patient-surgeon discussions and help address concerns

Research shows that patients are anxious about returning to hospitals, despite many needing essential or even life-saving procedures. According to new research findings, more than a third of patients would not feel comfortable returning to care until at least three months have passed after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in their area, and one in five would not feel comfortable until over six months have passed.*

While this is a challenging and anxious time, hospitals that are restarting essential operations have prepared, and your surgeon and all those providing care, are ready to resume surgery. Patient safety is—and will always be—the top priority.

It is understandable that you—as a patient—may still have questions and specific concerns about the safety of undergoing an operation as COVID-19 continues to impact our community. To help you navigate through this time, the American College of Surgeons has released new tools to support frank conversations, including a patient-surgeon discussion guide with suggested questions you can ask your surgeon to feel more prepared for your procedure. The guide also covers common concerns, such as how the check-in process has changed, what to expect during appointments, safeguards to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and how the ongoing pandemic may change after-operation care.

Please know that we want to hear what is on your mind and answer your questions. Do not delay necessary care that is critical to your long-term health, and do not hesitate to reach out to schedule a discussion.

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