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Video Script

The following script can be used to film a short, informal video directed at patients. It is for use on your personal or professional social media channels, or to post on your practice website. The goal is to leverage your trusted voice to help instill confidence that it is safe and critical to return for necessary care and surgery.


  • Optimal length for the video is 60 seconds or less. The script is to be used as a guide and may be adjusted to fit your personal tone and style.
  • Be cognizant of your background and lighting, as well as your pace of speech.
  • If interested in sharing on social media, we recommend posting the video with a short, succinct caption, such as—“An important message for returning to the hospital for non-COVID related care.”




If your operation was cancelled due to COVID-19, you may be wondering “When will the time be right to return to a medical facility for surgery?” And if an operation has been recommended as a choice treatment for your medical condition, you may be worried that a longer delay may not be in your best interest. Your surgeon shares your concern too.

That’s why your surgeon wants to have a discussion with you; to answer your questions about having surgery during a time when COVID-19 exists. If your local officials have followed expert guidance and are lifting restrictions so surgery can be restarted, you may still feel anxious about entering a hospital while COVID cases are still being counted in your community.

Because surgeons believe that patient-surgeon communication is a shared responsibility, we’d like to hear what’s on your mind. When I speak with patients, no question about their welfare as a patient is off limits.

Hospitals, ambulatory centers, and surgeon’s offices throughout the country have made changes to ensure all recommended precautions are in place to safeguard you. From the check in process, to how the ongoing pandemic may change care during your recovery, surgeons know these details are important to patients.

I believe you’ll benefit from speaking with your surgeon about your care experience up front. More importantly, you’ll also be able to determine if surgery is the best option for you during this time.

You can start by downloading a new discussion guide from the American College of Surgeons about preparing for surgery during COVID-19.

Your surgeon wants you to feel prepared to have this important conversation. These materials can help you get ready for it.

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