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Clinical Congress Daily Highlights

The Clinical Congress Daily Highlights is your go-to source for key session recaps. The Daily Highlights enhances the educational program of Clinical Congress by providing recaps of cutting-edge sessions and video interviews Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check your inbox twice daily and follow online using #ACSCC19 and #ACSHighlights.

Wednesday, Second Edition

Studies Look to Understand Surgeon and Resident Burnout

Geriatric Trauma for the General Surgeon

Should More Obese Patients with End Stage Renal Disease Be Offered Bariatric Surgery?

Fragile States Require High Surgical Capacity in Trauma and Obstetrics

Progress Will Come with Better Understanding of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Sees Advances from All Sides

Kids Can Go Without Opioids after Appendectomies

Wednesday, Second Edition Video Interviews 

Civilian Concealed Carry Legislation and Unintentional Firearm Mortality in the United States: 1986-2015

Non-Bariatric Surgery in the Morbidly Obese Patient

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol Reduces Narcotic Requirement and Length of Stay in Patients Undergoing Mastectomy with Implant-Based Reconstruction

ACS Clinical Congress 2019; Celebrating and Tackling Challenges of the Surgical Life

Wednesday, First Edition

Military-Civilian Partnerships Enhance Readiness for Mass Casualty Events

Nonoperative Management of Abdominal Gunshot Wounds is on the Rise

Rescue Stent Outperforms REBOA in Animal Tests

General Surgeons Match Thoracic Surgeons in Esophagectomy Outcomes

Immunotherapy Creates New Opportunities and Considerations for Surgical Treatment

General Surgery Needs Some Love

Wednesday, First Edition Video Interviews

Panel Reviews Impact of Microbiome Manipulation to Improve Outcomes Following Cancer Surgery

Surveillance Colonoscopy in Patients 80 Years and Older: Safe with a High Diagnostic Yield

Acute Appendicitis: Risks of Perforation, Post-Op Complication Rise with Delays to Surgery

The Waiting Game: How Long are Breast Cancer Patients Waiting for Definitive Diagnosis and Treatment?

Refining the ACS NSQIP Surgical Risk Calculator to Include Geriatric Outcomes

Gallbladder Wall Thickness as a Predictor of Intraoperative Adverse Events in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies

Tuesday, Second Edition

Artificial Intelligence is Coming Fast. Are Surgeons Ready?

How to Make Sense of Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

On the Prevention, Detection, and Evaluation of Anastomotic Leaks

Pediatric Trauma: Brain Injury, Simulations, Penetrating Trauma and Transfusions

Interval Appendectomy Increases Odds of Cancer Diagnosis

Higher Volume May Produce Lower Cost

Avoid Surgeon Burnout with Lifestyle Modification

Tuesday, Second Edition Video Interviews

There’s an app for that: How technology is reshaping pre- and postoperative outpatient surgery

Lung transplant candidates receiving older donor lungs have similar survival outcome

Anastomotic leak rate doubled in presence of Clostridium difficile infection after colectomy

Choosing Wisely® campaign against low-value breast cancer care achieves mixed results

Pediatric Trauma: What’s New and Improved?

Tuesday, First Edition

Should Patients Lose Weight Before Undergoing Bariatric Surgery?

Resident Satisfaction Rises with Flexible Duty-Hours

Firearm Injury Prevention Survey Finds Common Ground among ACS Members

High Maintenance Required for Persistently Leaky Gastric Sleeves

How to Make Hemodialysis Access Last, and What to Do When it Doesn’t

Harmful if Swallowed: The Persistent Danger of Button Batteries and Small Magnets

Tuesday, First Edition Video Interviews

Primary tumor resection linked to longer survival in patients with distant thyroid cancer metastasis

Current hospital credentialing requirements for robotic surgery show minimal follow-up

Helicopter trauma transport falls nearly 40% from 2010-216; Comparative mortality varies by scene and Transport from Scene or Hospital Matters

Monday, Second Edition

The Long Road to Consensus on Antibiotics for Appendicitis

Frailty Index Assesses Risk, But More Evidence Needed on How to Reduce It

Answers to Questions about Acute Gallbladder

How Can Surgeons Capitalize on Personalized and Precision Medicine in Oncology?

Bariatric Surgery: Are Robots Helpful?

Analysis Finds Large Regional Discrepancies in Colectomy for Benign Polyps

Two Drugs Better Than One in Biomaterial-Based Neuroblastoma Treatment

Monday, Second Edition Video Interviews

Obese heart failure patients show improved left ventricular ejection fraction following bariatric surgery

8.2% 30-day readmission rate found for non-elective, emergency general surgery; Intestinal blockage leading diagnosis at readmission

Panel tackles preventing incisional hernias: Do we need mesh or better surgical skills?

Panel surveys impact of telemedicine, telehealth and telemonitoring on surgical practice

Monday, First Edition

Liquid Biopsy: Current Reality and Future Prospects

Widespread Implementation of Enhanced Recovery Pathways Improves Colorectal Surgery Outcomes

Robotic Surgery Fails to Show Benefit in Hernia Repair Trial

Diverticulitis is Diverse, and the Treatments Should Be Too

Nine Mortals: Covering the Health of the Supreme Court

Innovation Has Made Surgery Less Invasive

In Traumatic Brain Injury, Volume Does Not Translate Into Better Outcomes

Monday, First Edition Video Interviews

“Significant drawbacks” found for laparoscopic peritoneal lavage vs. sigmoidectomy in pelvic abscess and purulent peritonitis patients

Assessment finds general surgeons lag orthopaedists in clinical readiness for military deployment

Risk and readmission models fail to predict 90-day utilization in major bowel surgery; Need cited for better tools underlying value-based payment models

One in four general surgeons considering exit from surgery within next two years

Justified homicide rates found “significantly” higher in Stand Your Ground law states