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Who Does What at the Moscone Center

The Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit contains all the information necessary for ordering labor and services. ACS strives to provide the highest quality professional team of service contractors for its exhibitors, so be sure to take full advantage of the industry expertise of these organizations in planning participation at Clinical Congress 2019.

Work rules and customs vary from city to city. To save time and money, please review the following and be sure to:

  • Deliver your exhibit ON TIME.
  • Order labor, furniture, services, and so on in advance for discounted rates.
  • Provide dedicated on-site supervision of all installation labor for accurate assembly and display. You may supervise installation and dismantling or contract with either the general contractor or an approved outside contractor.
Booth Labor

Global Experience Specialist (GES), the official contractor for the Clinical Congress, and qualified display contractors (Exhibitor Designated Contractors) at the Moscone Center will use unionized labor to install and dismantle displays and decorations. An exhibitor or full-time employee of an exhibitor may install and dismantle their exhibit booth, provided the booth can be set up in a half hour by one person without the use of tools. If an exhibit requires more than one half hour to install or to dismantle, union personnel must be used from the Official General Contractor, GES, or an authorized Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC). As an exhibitor, when union labor is required, you may provide an exhibit company employee to work along with a union installer on a one-to-one basis.

There are no restrictions or requirements to use union labor for the unpacking and placement of merchandise or product and equipment tuning or calibrating, once items are brought to the booth in an appropriate manner.

Exhibit hall labor must wear appropriate Exhibition badges or wrist bands, possess company photo identification, Union identification, and register through AUA security in order to enter the halls. Labor will be required to report to a specific access area of the Moscone Center before work can be started. All Exhibitor Designated Contractors must comply with Moscone Center contractor security regulations, as well as AUA security regulations.

For more information, contact the GES National Service Center at 800-475-2098.

Exhibit Rigging and Hanging Signs

Rigging points at the Moscone Center can vary considerably. Rigging of exhibit components, trusses, and hanging signs are allowed above island booths only. No hanging or rigging components can exceed the outer boundaries of the exhibit booth’s perimeter or the safe loading of the facility ceiling. All rigging and hanging on the exhibit hall floor is performed by GES, as the exclusive service provider for this service.

Booth rigging components, including truss, lighting, and signs, must conform to the rules, regulations, and facility limitations of the Moscone Center and ACS. Booth rigging designs must be submitted to ACS and GES with the booth design, due by August 16, 2019. Information concerning rigging and loading can be obtained by contacting the GES National Service Center at 800-475-2098.

Electricity and Plumbing

Electricity and plumbing in the exhibit hall are supplied exclusively by GES. Additional information will be supplied in the Technical Exhibitors’ Services Kit.

Cleaning Services

The ACS will provide cleaning service for all aisles. Cleaning service for individual booths must be ordered through GES as the exclusive service provider for all vacuuming and porter services. Booths must be kept clean during exhibit hours. Debris must not be allowed to collect on the floor or display area. Exhibitors serving food and/or beverages must have adequate trash receptacles and porter/cleaning personnel to keep their activity from interfering with neighboring booths. ACS reserves the right to order cleaning services at the exhibitor’s expense for a booth not in good order. Additional information will be supplied in the Technical Exhibitors’ Services Kit.

Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors

Exhibitors not using GES, the official Clinical Congress contractor, for general booth labor must notify the ACS and GES of all EAC services well in advance of the exhibit. Note that EAC services are governed by the union work partnership rules that are in place at the Moscone Center. Official notification of EAC forms will be in the Technical Exhibitors’ Services Kit and on the ACS Exhibitor Portal and are due by September 11, 2019. All EAC are required to provide proof of insurance, as outlined in the insurance section of these Rules, in the form of a Certificate of Insurance by September 11, 2019. Failure to provide these documents to the ACS by the indicated due date will be cause to exclude EAC from participation at Clinical Congress. Exhibit hall labor must wear appropriate Clinical Congress badges or wrist bands and appropriate Moscone Center identity badges, possess personal government-issued photo identification and company photo identification, and register through ACS security in order to enter the hall. All EAC must comply with the Moscone Center contractor security regulations.

Labor will be required to report to the Moscone Center security area prior to starting work. The designated EAC check-in location for all Moscone North and South events is the Moscone South employee entrance.

For more information, contact the GES National Service Center at 800-475-2098.

EAC must abide by GES rules and on-site guidelines for the use of staging spaces for equipment and personnel service desks (EAC staging areas). ACS Management shall have authority to remove any EAC from any staging areas that are not inside its exhibitor’s leased booth space.

EAC may not solicit business in the exhibit hall at any time. The exhibiting company is responsible for the actions of its EAC, and all exhibitor rules apply to this sub-contractor of the exhibitor. Please be reminded that the exhibiting company is fully responsible for coordination of the EAC. In the interest of clear communication, the ACS will not engage in any non-contractual working relationships with any non-official contractors, including decorators, contractors, public relations agencies, advertising agencies, and housing or travel agencies. EAC must send names of workers for each day at the exhibit hall in advance to ACS security and check in at the ACS security check point upon arrival to receive installation/ dismantle passes allowing access to the exhibit hall. These passes are typically in the form of wrist bands that must be worn on the wrist for security reasons. Workers without properly displayed exhibit hall access passes will be prohibited from work during the Show on the first occurrence and at the sole discretion of ACS Management. EAC and their workers are not permitted to wear ACS Exhibitor Badges. All EAC must comply with ACS security regulations.

EAC must cooperate fully with the ACS, the official ACS security firm for the Clinical Congress, and GES to ensure an on-time opening of the exhibit hall and an orderly, timely move-out.

All EAC personnel must have photo identification at all times. ACS reserves the right to remove any EAC or its employees who do not comply with ACS exhibitor rules or the operating policies of the Moscone Center. ACS reserves the right to prohibit EAC participation at the Clinical Congress, both at the Moscone Center and at future exhibit locations, and to assess priority points penalties to exhibitors when, at the sole discretion of the ACS, such actions are necessary.

Please note: ACS assumes no liability for any work performed by official or approved outside contractors.


Security guards will be stationed in the exhibit hall from Thursday, October 24 to Friday, November 1, 2019, to provide general security for the overall exhibit area. Exhibitors, however, are responsible for safeguarding their material and equipment against theft.  ACS, GES, and the Moscone Center are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to exhibitor property.

Labor Disputes – Closing of Exhibit

If the exhibitor or their EAC, affiliates, agents, or other contractors is the subject of a labor or similar dispute resulting in picketing or overt demonstration in or near the Show building or is involved in any way with the organizing of labor or the aggravation of labor to cause disruption to the Show, the ACS reserves the right to terminate the Contract for exhibit privileges forthwith, close the exhibit, and remove the exhibitor’s property from the exhibit hall.

Fire and Safety

Exhibitors and their agents must comply with all federal, local, and Moscone Center fire and public safety codes that apply to places of public assembly. Firefighting and emergency equipment may not be hidden or obstructed, including fire extinguishers, strobes, fire hose cabinets, Public Emergency Reporting System (PERS) stations, and standpipes. Booth construction shall not block access to any fire/life safety equipment and shall not impede exit access, exit doors or aisles. All drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpet or any materials used in exhibits must be flame-retardant to meet with California Fire Code requirements and have flameproof certificate or tags prominently attached to the material used so they may be easily seen by the facility Fire Marshal. Exhibit contents or products and decorations provided by the official service contractor are under the same guidelines but may have detached flameproof certificates or tags. Additional information will be supplied in the Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit.

Telephones and Internet

Telephones and Internet service in the exhibit hall is supplied exclusively by the Moscone Center. Additional information will be supplied in the Technical Exhibitors Services Kit.

Due to the increased use of exhibitor installed wireless Internet networks in the exhibit hall, radio frequency interference has become a concern. ACS wishes to protect all exhibitors and itself from the loss of business connectivity and commercial activity caused by wireless radio frequency interference in the exhibit hall and throughout the Moscone Center. All devices utilizing wireless technology inside the building should avoid utilizing devices manufactured in accordance with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 2.4 GHz band spectrum as interference and channel overlap might cause loss of signal and disrupt connectivity. ACS, in order to protect itself and its exhibitors against signal disruption, reserves the right to terminate or otherwise restrict the use of any wireless device that causes interference to ACS or any other exhibitors because it operates in the 802.11 2.4 GHz band or any other RF band spectrum.

Radio frequency interference can also be caused by machinery, audio visual/computer equipment, and other types of electrically powered equipment. Exhibitors are responsible to maintain radio frequency emissions caused by their participation at the Show to within the purchased perimeter dimensions and height limitation of their booth. Exhibitors with equipment radiating radio frequency interference beyond the boundaries of their booth are subject to disconnection of the radio frequency emitting device or equipment by ACS Management.

Food and Beverage

All food and beverage is supplied by Savor… San Francisco, the exclusive provider at the Moscone Center. Dispensing of small food and beverage samples or other consumable products by exhibitors or the use of EAC services for the provision of food and beverage requires the written approval of ACS Management. No alcoholic beverages or containers are allowed in the exhibit hall. Additional information will be supplied in the Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit.

Freight and Package Deliveries

The Moscone Center cannot accept freight shipments or packages for exhibitors or their contractors at any time. All freight and packages must be consigned through GES. There will be no exceptions to this policy. POV access information and regulations will be available in the Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit. Exhibitors hand-carrying their equipment and displays are limited to one load of material per person, and care must be taken to not damage building carpet, doors, or elevators.

Freight Rigging Labor

Once your materials are delivered to your exhibit space, riggers handle (load and unload), uncrate, and set up all machinery and structural steel, including steel superstructures for double-decks, framing, equipment, and gantries. (Please note: Riggers are dispatched in crews of two. Please keep in mind that a rigging crew generally consists of one foreman, one rigger, and a forklift. The hourly rate shown is per man-hour and does not include equipment, such as forklifts, which are charged separately.)

Riggers must be ordered one day in advance. Because there is no labor pool for riggers, same-day orders for rigging labor cannot be guaranteed. Order forms for rigger labor and more specific information are included in the Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit.

Lighting Levels, Electricity, and Air Conditioning During Move-In/Out

Air conditioning and heating will not be provided during move-in and move-out days because the loading dock doors are open during these times. The Moscone Center will maintain ventilation and work level lighting (equal to half open exhibit lighting levels) during move-in and move-out hours. During exhibit hours, air conditioning and full illumination will be provided by the facility. Electricity, once installed, will be available on an hourly basis.

Lasers, X Rays, and Compressed Gases

Use of lasers, compressed inert gases, and compressed liquids are subject to review and approval by the ACS and Moscone Center Event Management. All requests must be received in writing by August 16, 2019, and should state the nature of process or equipment to be demonstrated, the quantity of equipment, and how demonstrations will avoid hazards to people or nearby objects. Additional information will be supplied in the Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit. The operation of X-ray equipment and radiographic equipment is prohibited at the Moscone Center and at Clinical Congress 2019.

Motorized Vehicles

Vehicles or displays propelled or involving internal combustion engines must be preapproved by the ACS and Moscone Center Event Management before display. The location of vehicles or motorized displays must be clearly indicated on a floor plan submitted to ACS for advance approval. The following general rules are required for vehicles and motorized displays:

  • Must have not more than an 1/8 tank of gasoline or three gallons, whichever is less, in the display vehicle
  • Must have a locking gas cap or tape covering the gas access port cap
  • Must have a disconnected battery
  • Must have a drip pan under the vehicle’s drive train
  • Keys and any codes for security features for vehicle must be in the possession of Show Security during the time the vehicle is inside the convention facility
  • Vehicles cannot be moved during show hours

Additional information will be supplied in the Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit. Arrangements must be made in advance with GES and the ACS for access and placement of vehicles or motorized displays on the exhibit floor.

General Fire, Public Safety and Convention Facility Regulations
  • No candles or open flames are permitted.
  • All flammable or combustible aerosol containers used for display purposes must be empty.
  • No liquefied petroleum gases (propane, butane), natural gas, or portable heating equipment are permitted inside the Moscone Center.
  • Electrical wires in fixtures and fittings must be U.L. listed and be 14-guage (or better), at minimum.
  • No helium filled balloons are permitted.
  • No fireworks, smoke machines, or pyrotechnics of any type are permitted.
  • Hazardous chemicals and materials (pesticides, herbicides, poisons, untreated mulch, Spanish moss, hay, straw, fireplace logs, cut evergreen trees or branches, charcoal) are prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the Moscone Center.
  • Passenger elevators and escalators may not be used for freight, including hand trucks.
  • Certain low-residue tapes are required for installations on the exhibit floor. Contact GES National Service Center at 800-475-2098 with specific questions.
  • Nothing shall be tacked, nailed, screwed, taped, stapled, drilled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, columns, walls, floors, doors, painted surfaces, marble, or other parts of the building or furniture in the Moscone Center. Any necessary actions for the protection of the building, equipment, or furniture will be at the expense of the Exhibition. No painting of any sort is allowed within the Moscone Center.
  • Glitter, confetti, sand, popcorn, and adhesive-backed (stick-on) decals or stickers are strictly prohibited and may not be distributed or used for any purpose within the facility. Please read the Booth Configurations section for additional requirements for booths in the Moscone Center.

All exhibit matters and questions not covered by these Policies and Procedures are subject to the decision of ACS. These Policies and Procedures may be amended at any time by ACS, and all amendments shall be equally binding on all parties. In the event of any amendment or addition to these Policies and Procedures, written notice will be given by ACS to exhibitors who may be affected.