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Freight Handling, Material Handling, Drayage, and Shipping Information

Outbound Material Handling

The Outbound Handling Order Form or Bill of Landing (BOL) provides instructions to your freight carrier about the number of pieces and type and destination of your shipment. Each shipment requires a separate BOL. Return (or “outbound”) BOLs will be required for your outbound shipments at the close of the event. Do not leave these documents in your booth or on your freight. All BOLs must be turned in to the Exhibitor Service Desk as soon as your materials are ready for shipment. Also, if you want your shipment sent by a specific carrier, indicate that carrier and contact information on the BOL. If this step is not done, the official contractor will select the most convenient carrier available.

Preparing Your Shipments

Planning Shipments
  • Confirm your carrier will deliver directly to the Moscone Center for on-time arrival.
  • Notify your carrier about any prescheduled move-in dates and times for on-time shipping.
  • Late arrival of exhibit materials will be assessed overtime set-up rates and jeopardize your ability to be fully operational by show opening.
Packing Your Shipment
  • Confirm with your carrier your materials are labeled for the lowest possible tariff.
  • CONSOLIDATE your shipment into crates to reduce handling time, cost, and the probability of loss or damage.
  • Label all cartons clearly with the event name, your company name, and correct booth number.
  • Do not indicate contents on the outside of cartons or crates.
  • Number and manifest each piece for dispersal on site.
  • Do not ship electronic equipment such as DVD players, VCRs, monitors, computers, and printers in the manufacturer’s carton; consolidate these items into larger cartons or crates.

To facilitate tracking a shipment, complete and return Freight Service form located in the Technical Exhibitors’ Service Kit. All incoming freight must be fully prepaid. COLLECT FREIGHT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Shipment Arrival and Removal

Access to the loading docks will be controlled by GES to provide and maintain a safe and efficient move-in and move-out schedule. GES will provide and operate all material handling equipment with appropriate labor within the Moscone Center to move freight to and from trucks to the exhibit booth. All unloading, reloading, and handling of empty containers will be performed by GES labor. Services not ordered in advance must be procured through the Exhibitor Service Desk maintained at the Moscone Center.

On-site drayage is charged by weight. Drayage rates include delivery of materials to your booth and removal of empty crates to storage. Advance shipment rates also include warehousing up to 30 days before the exposition. Drayage rates are per hundred pounds (hundred weight [cwt]) or fraction thereof (that is, a shipment of 75 pounds will be billed at 1 cwt, while a shipment of 125 pounds will be billed at 2 cwt). A minimum charge of 200 pounds (2 cwt) is applied for each round-trip shipment.

  • Rates shown are round-trip.
  • All outbound-only shipments will be billed at the direct shipment rate.

Exhibitors delivering booth components with a personally operated vehicle (POV) must check in at the marshaling yard to obtain a POV dock pass. Drivers will display the GES-distributed POV dock pass to the Moscone Center security at the loading dock access check point and will be directed to their designated unloading area. GES will have equipment and personnel available to assist exhibitors to keep the loading and unloading of freight orderly and on schedule.

An exhibitor may move material on the exhibit floor that can be hand-carried in one trip, provided that no material handling equipment is used, such as hand trucks, dollies, or other mechanical equipment.

Advance shipments should arrive on or between September 19 and October 18, 2019. Hours for receiving are Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–2:30 pm.

Advance Shipments

Advance shipments to the official contractor’s advance warehouse can be received as many as 30 days in advance of Clinical Congress, stored, and delivered to your ACS exhibit space at the rate noted in the Technical Exhibitor Services Kit with a 200 lbs. minimum per shipment.

Shipments to the advance warehouse will be accepted from Thursday, September 19 until Friday, October 18, 2019.

Advance shipping address:

c/o GES
American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2019
(Your Company Name and Booth Number)

499 Valley Dr.
Brisbane, CA 94005

Direct Shipments

Direct shipments are made directly to the Moscone Center loading dock for delivery to your booth and will be received according to the exhibitor’s published target delivery date. Rates for direct shipments are noted in the Technical Exhibitors Service Kit with the a 200 lbs. minimum per shipment.

Direct shipments address:

c/o GES
American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2019
(Your Company Name and Booth Number)

Moscone Convention Center
747 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103-3118

Contact Information

GES General Service Contractor

National Service Center
7000 Lindell Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118-4702
Phone (in USA): 800-475-2098
FAX (in USA): 866-329-1437
International Calls: 702-515-5970
International Faxes: 702-263-1520

GES Logistics Common Carrier Service

Contact: Arlena Polk
800-475-2098 x3546
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Moscone Center Exhibitor Services

Utilities Contractor
(Electrical, Plumbing, Internet, and Telecommunications Services)

All exhibit matters and questions not covered by these Policies and Procedures are subject to the decision of ACS. These Policies and Procedures may be amended at any time by ACS, and all amendments shall be equally binding on all parties. In the event of any amendment or addition to these Policies and Procedures, written notice will be given by ACS to exhibitors who may be affected.