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Clinical Congress Daily Highlights 5

The Clinical Congress Daily Highlights is your go-to source for key session recaps. The College is proud to further enhance the educational program of Clinical Congress 2018 by providing recap articles on various cutting-edge sessions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check your inbox each morning for detailed overviews and videos of key sessions from the previous day. 

Wednesday, First Edition

Study finds new barrier mandates for OR personnel do not reduce infection

Immunotherapy can improve surgical management and standard of care

Gender affects triage as well as outcomes in trauma patients

Jacques Marescaux: Cutting-edge technologies augment the surgeon’s eyes, hands and brain

Value guru Michael Porter urges surgeons to lead the transformation of health care

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Wednesday, Second Edition

Understanding the microbiome may improve colon cancer care

When should surgeons consider ECMO?

More than one in three children with nonperforated appendicitis get postoperative antibiotics despite lack of evidence

Sepsis: Past, present, and future

Unclear benefits from regionalization of surgical oncology

Study suggests intragastric balloon placement is safe for weight loss

Tracking data on colorectal procedures linked to better outcomes

Feature: Management of Postoperative Pain to Minimize Opioid Misuse

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Tuesday, First Edition

Minimizing radiation exposure in children

Vaccine shows promise in high-risk melanoma patients

New CrossFit participants may be a higher risk for rhabdomyolysis

Drone telemedicine can foster health care access

Which critical care treatments are supported by the latest evidence?

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Tuesday, Second Edition

Mental health disorders in children and adults increase postoperative complications

Fostering diversity, inclusion, and excellence in medicine

Surgeons recount the challenges of implementing the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

Gene expression could inform diverticulitis treatment

Shock index predicts the need for massive transfusion protocol

Length of stay after emergency procedures hinges mostly on institutional factors

Manipulating the gut microbiome reduces cancer in mice

Mouse experiments characterize surgery-accelerated metastasis in osteosarcoma

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Monday, First Edition

Feature: A call for research to address gun violence

NIH director says breakthroughs and increased funding make it the “National Institutes of Hope”

Clearing up controversy over diverticulitis management

Oral antibiotics stymie tumor growth

Hospital networks shift volume and adverse surgical events to hubs

Improved access to trauma care could save 130,000 lives a year

Long-term view supports surgery over nonoperative management of appendicitis

Hurricane Maria disaster relief offers lessons for the future

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Monday, Second Edition

Appendicitis presents choices around diagnosis and management

Are emergency tracheostomies obsolete?

ACS takes a public health approach to firearms

Atul Gawande: Don’t let your surgeons grow up to be cowboys

Navigating immune suppression: The convergence of transplant and cancer biology

High daily dose of vitamin D linked to fewer heart attacks and lower hospital costs

Feature: A call for research to address gun violence

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