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Sunday, October 21

ST01 Rise n’ Shine with Beantown BootcampCANCELLED

ST02 Boston Revealed

ST02 Boston Revealed with Lunch at the Chart House

8:30 am–2:00 pm

Referred to as the “Athens of America” and known universally for its role in the shaping of America, Boston represents a colonial cornucopia of sites, sounds and historical significance in its contributions to our nation. The group will travel through Copley Square and the Back Bay, home of the Boston Public Library and Trinity Church. Atop Beacon Hill, disembark for a stroll with an enchanting view of the Boston Common and Public Garden, offering a verdant and graceful respite from the pace of the city, as well as the State House and the 54th Regiment Memorial. Guests will be guided past Kings Chapel and the Old Granary Burying Grounds, the final resting place for several original Patriots. View the Old South Meeting Housing, where planning for the Team Party “coup” took place, and the Old State House where the Declaration of Independence was recited to Boston residents. The group will continue to roam the streets and head to the heartbeat of the Italian community, the North End. Here, the group will enjoy lunch at a local eatery. After lunch, forge on to Faneuil Hall, known as “the cradle of liberty” for over 240 years. This walking portion includes a unique experience in Boston’s famous Haymarket Square with live vendors.

Price per person: $114

ST03 Boston Brewery Tour

ST03 Boston Brewery and Historic Pub Tour

4:30–7:30 pm

The City of Boston has a strong and interesting history of famous beers that are brewed right in the heart of the Hub. This exclusive Boston Brewery tour will take the group from the hotel to three local breweries for a tour and tasting at each location. Learn the brewing process, touch, see, and smell hops, and sample some fine beers at the end of the tour. Participants will sample up to 10 styles of beer and soak in the ambiance and exquisite flavors of each brew during the stops. Must be at least 21 years of age.

Price per person: $215

Monday, October 22

ST04 Boston by Bike

ST04 Boston by Bike

8:00–11:00 am

The journey begins by pedaling down the length of the Back Bay, observing the transformation of architectural styles and learning what makes this neighborhood one of the most prestigious in Boston. Traveling on to the Back Bay Fens area, bikers will pass by the Victory Garden allotments, the Keller Rose Garden, the Museum of Fine Arts and the unique Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. Enroute to the Charles River Esplanade, riders will see Boston University and Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in major league baseball and home of the 2004, 2007 and 2013 World Champion, Boston Red Sox. A brief peek at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and panoramic views of Boston can be seen from across the river. Pedal past the Hatch Memorial Shell concert pavilion where the Boston Pops Orchestra traditionally plays each Fourth of July.

Travel on to the quaint, quiet, historical neighborhoods of Beacon Hill. From the antique shops on Charles Street to the cobblestones of Acorn Street, Beacon Hill is loaded with charm and character. As the group explores Boston, an expert guide will not only point out sights, but will also stop and narrate the history while traveling along.

Price per person: $105

ST05 The Ultimate Lobster Lovers Experience with Lobster BakeCANCELLED

ST06 Revolutionary

ST06 Revolutionary Battlegrounds with Lunch at Colonial Inn

9:00 am–3:30 pm

Retrace the footsteps along the Freedom Trail through Boston proper and into the towns of Belmont, Lexington and Concord, where the Freedom Rider rode his horse to warn the Colonials that the "British Are Coming!“ Relive the moments on the famous Lexington Green and Concord Foot Bridge as well as the 13-mile ride of Paul Revere from Charlestown to Lexington and Concord.

Learn about the "true" story of that night and the days to follow. No one really knows who fired the first shot at Lexington Green that fateful day in April of 1775, but General George Washington's stunning victory at Yorktown six years later is a piece of history that Boston will always be remembered for. The group will then head to the Concord Museum in historic Concord, Massachusetts. The museum houses one of the oldest and most treasured collections of Americana in the country with their collection of historical, literary, and decorative arts treasures.

Price per person: $126

ST07 Boston DUCK and FenwayCANCELLED

ST08 Cambridge

ST08 Trail Through Cambridge with Charles River Cruise

12:30 pm–5:00 pm

Head to Harvard Square, where the guide will accompany the group through the historical back roads of Cambridge. Take a walk down Tory Row past George Washington's former home, the Old Blacksmith's Shop; and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow former home. The group will then enjoy an hour-long Charles River sightseeing cruise. Enjoy views of Beacon Hill, Esplanade Park, the Back Bay, Boston University, MIT, Harvard, and countless sailboats and rowers.

Next up, the guide will take the group on a stroll to the Harvard University campus, one of the greatest academic and research facilities in the world. The group will be lead through Civil War Memorial Hall, Sander's Theater, Harvard Museum of Natural History, as well as various other points of interest before returning back to your hotel.

Price per person: $84

ST09 River Cruise

ST09 Cambridge Riverboat Cruise with Dinner Reception

6:00–9:00 pm

Guests can relax and view the city from an angle not seen by many…. floating down the Charles River. A sunset cruise with the city skyline is a breath taking local experience for all. The 65’ Henry Longfellow is ideal for an elegant evening cruise on the water, designed specifically to cruise the Charles River. The group will get an entirely new perspective of Boston’s architecture, character, and charm as they float along.

During the sunset cruise, the group will enjoy a leisurely reception, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the culture of Boston. Must be at least 21 years of age.

Price per person: $185

Tuesday, October 23

ST10 Salem

ST10 Bewitching Seaports; Salem and Marblehead with Lunch

9:00 am–5:00 pm

“Witch” way to Salem? Salem and Witches are two words synonymous with New England, where witchcraft hysteria defined this seaside mecca’s place in history and even today. Heading north to Salem reveals that much more went into the formation of this picturesque enclave. Upon arrival, the group will head to “The House of Seven Gables,” the inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s great classic. Winding past the Hawthorne Hotel and Pickering Wharf, the macabre of the “witchery” draws the group into a fascinating glimpse of 17th century mob hysteria. Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant.

After the highlights of maritime history of the Salem Wharves, the group will visit the Peabody Essex Museum and connect the maritime trade in Salem to the birth of the nation. Included in the Peabody Essex Museum is a guided tour as well as admission to the Yin Yu Tang; the Huang family ancestral home.

Travel on to Marblehead with breathtaking views of one of the nation’s most protected and picturesque coves in the world. Home to a sleek fleet of prestigious yacht clubs, Marblehead is a charming town still dependent on its own fishing industry. Embark down the streets of Old Town.

Price per person: $162

ST11 Ether Dome Tour at Massachusetts General Hospital

9:00–11:00 am

William T.G. Morton made history on October 16, 1846 in Massachusetts General Hospital’s surgical amphitheater, now known as the Ether Dome, when he demonstrated the first public surgery using anesthetic (ether). Between 1821 and 1868, more than 8,000 operations were performed in the Ether Dome. Today it is a teaching amphitheater and historical landmark. Visitors can explore the unique architecture and a small collection of artifacts, including an oil painting of the famous first surgery, an Egyptian mummy, and early surgical tools. Sponsored by the ACS Surgical History Group, the guided tour of the Ether Dome will be led by Andrew L. Warshaw, MD, FACS, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus at Massachusetts General Hospital, and former President of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Warshaw's tour will include a talk about the history of MGH, the Ether Dome, and its significance to the field of surgery.

Price per person: $20

ST12 North End Culinary

ST12 North End Culinary Tour

10:00 am–1:00 pm

A docent-guided tour will provide the group with insight on the infamous “Little Italy” of Boston, the North End. This borough attracts visitors and Bostonians alike with its intimate and familial setting. One of the oldest neighborhoods in America, the North End, is made up of quaint and narrow cobblestone streets. As your group ambles along, stops are made at various shops which may include: a pastry shop, a confection store, a coffee/spice store, a greengrocer, a salumeria (deli) and a liquor store. The guide will divulge secrets on how to spot authentic ingredients, where to buy them and how to prepare them. Enjoy light tastings along the way!

Price per person: $120

ST13 Whales

ST13 Call of the Whales

11:15 am–3:30 pm

Relax and enjoy a 3.5-hour whale watch cruise on a high-speed catamaran. The cruise will visit the east coast’s most famous whale watching destination, Stellwagen Bank. Here, the group is able to view a variety of whales including the humpback, finback, and minke while the whales frolic in their natural habitat. The whale watch is narrated by a naturalist from the noted Whale Center of New England and includes a narration of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Price per person: $100

ST14 Harborwalk and Rose Kennedy Greenway Walking TourCANCELLED

ST15 Roll Up Your Sleeves Lobster Feast–New England Dinner Experience

6:00–9:00 pm

Lobsterbake, Clambake, Downeast Feast… this tradition is one of the most authentic and quintessential culinary experiences of Boston. Featuring fresh lobster and shellfish, seasonal vegetables, and savory sauces in a steaming combination, Summer Shack will make your mouth water at its mere mention. Summer Shack’s menu consists of an award-winning recipe of New England clam chowder, sautéed steamers, classic New England lobster, and grilled fish from the local waters that each and every one of your guests will be sure to love!

Price per person: $137

Wednesday, October 24

ST16 Rise n’ Shine with Beantown BootcampCANCELLED

ST17 Museum

ST17 Museum Hopping and Shopping with Lunch

10:00 am–4:00 pm

Visit two of Boston’s most popular museums: The Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The group will be professionally guided through the MFA, one of the greatest international art museums in the world. It exhibits the largest group of Monet paintings outside of Paris as well as renowned collections of European and American paintings. Participants will enjoy a creative shopping experience in the amazing Museum of Fine Arts gift store. Stimulate your artistic side as you meander through the store viewing items from Aztec clothing to prints from famous artists.

Following lunch at the MFA, the group will walk across the street to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, a breathtaking palazzo created at the turn of the century by wealthy art lover Isabella Stewart Gardner. Isabella’s pioneering independence and eccentricity overcame resistance from the very conservative Boston Brahman Society in opening a female-owned gallery. Despite being the victim of the most costly art heist in the twentieth century, the museum displays over 3,000 works of art including objects by Rembrandt, Botticelli, Raphael, Titian and Matisse. Its beautiful interior flowering courtyard and outdoor gardens are host to some of the most elaborate parties in Boston.

Price per person: $195

ST18 JFK Library and EMK InstituteCANCELLED