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Acoustic gunfire-locating technology improves gunshot-wound outcomes

OCTOBER 24, 2017
Clinical Congress Daily Highlights, Tuesday First Edition

Despite having more serious injuries, gunshot-wound patients found with the aid of acoustic sensors (ShotSpotter™) had comparable mortality and shorter EMS and prehospital time than those not found with the technology, a study finds. ShotSpotter is a technology that helps first responders automatically detect and localize the sound of gunshots.

Researchers led by Magdalene A. Brooke, MD, University of California, San Francisco – East Bay Highland Hospital, Oakland, CA, analyzed records of 731 gunshot wound patients in the institution’s registry from 2014 through 2016. The 192 patients (26 percent) identified by ShotSpotter were more likely to be female and to require an operation. They also had higher injury severity scores, more ventilator days, and longer total length of stay.

No conflicts of interest were reported by study authors. 

Additional Information:
This Scientific Forum study was presented October 24 at the 2017 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in San Diego, CA.  Program, webcast and audio information is available online at View the full abstract here.

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