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Clinical Congress Daily Highlights

The Clinical Congress Daily Highlights is your go-to source for key session recaps. The College is proud to further enhance the educational program of Clinical Congress 2017 by providing recap articles on various cutting-edge sessions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

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Monday First Edition

Antibiotic stewardship: Careful use today will save patients tomorrow

Be in the know about ECMO

Do what’s right for the organ 

Physician astronaut recalls heights of spaceflight, depths of cancer

Following the evidence in diverticulitis treatment 

Halting anticoagulants in trauma patients may increase thrombosis risk

100 Years of Setting the Quality Standard (Video)

Predictive model assesses MI risk from lower extremity bypass

After surgery, a follow-up phone call may suffice

EMRs get thumbs down from three in four surgical residents

Remote endarterectomy may be safer than bypass for AIOD 

Monday Second Edition

GERD surgery prevents cancers, but is it worth it?

Materials scientists draw inspiration from nature and technology

Microbiome insights can reduce postoperative complications

New academy will be a think tank for surgical education

Surgical education: The good, the bad and the ugly

Surgeons help create a more predictive scorecard

Seeing the Science at Clinical Congress (Video)

Addressing the opioid crisis, part I

Artificial placentas rescue very little lambs

Deployed military surgeons connect live to San Diego sessions

Rate of firearm-related injuries fell between 2006 and 2013

Tuesday First Edition

ACS Launches the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators (Video)

Study documents a return to “beating-heart bypass”

Precision medicine helps surgeons make better calls in the clinic

Cholecystectomy should not be underestimated 

Getting a head start: Enhanced recovery after surgery protocols

New rectal cancer accreditation program chases Europe’s success 

e-Posters of merit receive honors

Left ventricular assist device (LVAD) studies find similar outcomes in obese patients and between two leading devices

Acoustic gunfire-locating technology improves gunshot-wound outcomes

Laparoscopic and open surgery go head-to-head

Breast cancer screening guideline change may adversely affect non-whites

Teaching trainees can be touchy when the patient is awake

Tuesday Second Edition

Cancer staging evolves

Institutional infrastructure important for bariatric surgery outcomes

Too much or not enough? When to order a CT scan for neck and head trauma 

Acute care surgery needs rebranding                                   

Session fetes Seymour Schwartz, founding editor of iconic surgery text

‘Code Yellow’ team achieves 100 percent survival in electrophysiology complications cases

Genetic testing shortfall seen in women with history, risk of breast, ovarian cancer

Statins boost traumatic brain injury survival rate

Bariatric surgery shows multi-organ benefits

Phone follow-up yields fewer complications in low-risk patients

Wednesday First Edition

Optimizing colorectal cancer treatment

Surgeons should take the lead in healing health care

Emerging strategies augment surgery in pancreatic cancer

Panel: Health care disparities can be eliminated

Fostering trust through surgical ethics

Augmented reality poised to transform surgical practice

Technology transforms surgical training

The Value of Active Membership (Video)

Smaller catheters may reduce REBOA access complications

Spine-injury studies call for more imaging, less precautions

Radiation delays surgery and reduces survival in rectal cancer

Statistics suggest Syrian refugees are a source of illegal organs

Rural hospitals benefit by recruiting academic surgeons

Wednesday Second Edition

CODA trial weighs antibiotics against appendectomy

Treating pain safely in surgical patients: Opioids, part 2

Novel therapies show promise in treating cancer and diabetes

Natural orifice procedures find success in Germany and Italy

Studies weigh value of experience versus training

New approaches engineer vascularized soft tissue

Cancer-free lymph nodes best left alone

Prospective surgeon scientists advised to know themselves

Precision medicine 101

New sepsis guidelines redefine the condition and its treatment

Preventing VTE takes a data-driven team effort

Thursday Edition

Breast cancer treatment innovations tempered by screening shortfalls

Better ulcerative colitis outcomes with surgery

Racial gaps in outcomes and access persist, as do questions about their cause

Oncology studies offer a glimpse at prospective cancer treatments

Tough cholecystectomies are easy to predict

Fewer than half of rectal cancer patients receive recommended care

New scanning approaches can improve cancer surgery and treatment

Nonoperative management increases appendicitis mortality

Errors in the OR: Studies look at when and why

Age has little influence on breast reconstruction outcomes

Vascular surgery studies identify promising procedures