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50th Anniversary Celebration of Principles of Surgery: First Edition: A Retrospective and Futuristic View

Tuesday, October 24 | 11:30 am–12:30 pm

Facts are now fallacies, dogma disproven, algorithms altered. Can the dramatic changes over the last 50 years help us foresee the possibilities and the progress in the next half century? Through this retrospective reflection on the first edition of Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery, the panel will review the most important advances in surgery in the last 50 years, and panelists will be asked to speculate on the exciting advances that loom on the horizon. Fifty years from now, what will our successors at Clinical Congress think and say about our current state of the art? Seymour Schwartz, MD, who is celebrating his 60th year on the faculty of the University of Rochester, will co-moderate with David Linehan, MD, his successor as chairman of surgery.