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Clinical Congress Daily Highlights

Clinical Congress Daily Highlights

The Clinical Congress Daily Highlights is your go-to source for key session recaps. The College is proud to further enhance the educational program of Clinical Congress 2016 by providing recap articles on various cutting-edge sessions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check your inbox twice daily for detailed overviews and videos of key sessions from that day.

You will also find the newsletter on the ACS website and in the Clinical Congress App.

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Monday, October 17 - First Edition

Moonshot director calls data access the holy grail

Burnout crisis threatens medical profession (NL01)

Surgeons debate when to use the scope (PS107)

Resident work rules bring year-one case dip (SF01) 

Heparin rare before cancer operations (SF03)

Neural stimulation holds promise for patients who are unresponsive to conventional treatments (From Clinical Congress Daily News)

ACS launches project to improve surgery in older adults (From Clinical Congress Daily News)

Monday, October 17 - Second Edition

It’s ‘hard to do the right thing’ in athletic head trauma (NL03)

Video: Learning a thing or two from elite athletes (NL02) 

3D printing’s potential comes into view (PS108)

Six goals driving global access to surgery (PS115) 

Data suggest over-treatment in ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) (PS118)

Retraining how we train (PS120) 

Kids can go home sooner after surgery (PS129)

Emerging understanding of microbiome use (PS103)

Tuesday, October 18 - First Edition

Surgeons urged to support national trauma system (PS132)

Increase survival of tragedies by teaching bleeding control (NL06)

Scarce data to support cholecystectomy (PS201)

Anticoagulant reversal a growing issue in trauma (PS203)

Endoscopy expands Barrett’s toolbox (PS208)

Most kids treated for brain injuries outside the ED (SF14)

Tuesday, October 18 - Second Edition

Elective colectomy linked to one-year mortality in older patients (SF19)

Surgeons needed in disaster relief (NL07)

Posters of Exceptional Merit selected (POEM)

Is the jury still out on bowel prep? (PS219)

How genomics is reshaping cancer care (PS228)

Primary tumor resection increases survival in stage IV colon cancer (SF23)

New standards to improve geriatric surgical care (SF19)

Wednesday, October 19 - First Edition

Older surgeons more apt to shun laparoscopic colectomy (SF32)

Ebola enhanced surgical care in Sierra Leone (NL09)

Building a bridge to resection in hepatobiliary cancers (PS302)

Pediatric anesthetic risks justify precautions (PS313)

Calculating risk in emergency general surgery (SF33)

Dr. Canady stresses the need to attract more young neurosurgeons (NL08)

Wednesday, October 19 - Second Edition

Appendectomy alternatives worth considering (PS324)

Cancer care needs real-world data (NL11)

African-American surgical pioneers celebrated (PS319)

Military-civilian partnerships keep trauma skills sharp (PS321)

Surgeons share tips to beat burnout (PS328)

Immunotherapy boosts cancer care options (PS333)

ACS verification benefits outcomes in young and old (SF42)