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Reporting for Cost

MIPS 2018 Cost ComponentThe Cost component is worth 10 percent of the MIPS final score. CMS will calculate cost for the 2018 performance period using data from claims.

This means that although Cost will be a weighted performance category in 2018, surgeons will not need to take any action with respect to reporting for cost. In other words, THERE ARE NO REPORTING REQUIREMENTS FOR COST.

For 2018, CMS will base the cost score on two measures: The Total Per Capita Costs for all attributed Medicare Beneficiaries measure and the Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) measure. CMS intends to provide feedback on 2017 MSPB and Total Per Capita Cost measure performance data no later than July 1, 2018, in order for physicians to better understand their cost score. CMS will also offer feedback on newly developed episode-based cost measures in 2018 that will be used in future performance years.

For those seeking further information, the our website offers additional fact sheets and informational videos on the MIPS program. Additionally, the official CMS website for the QPP is a great resource for learning about and selecting  Quality measures, Promoting Interoperability measures, and Improvement Activities for reporting in 2018.