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How to Participate in Advancing Care Information


Advancing Care Information (ACI)—based off of the former Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Payment Program-Meaningful Use (MU), is worth 25 percent of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) final score. The assessment for ACI is a composite score composed of two parts: a base score made up of four or five required measures depending on your edition of certified EHR technology (CEHRT), and a performance score made up of additional optional measures.

For 2017 only, physicians can avoid a penalty for MIPS by reporting the base score of ACI. Physicians who report all MIPS components for 90 days or up to a full calendar year can potentially earn an incentive payment based on their performance. Learn more about the Pick Your Pace reporting options for 2017.

Technology Requirements for Reporting ACI

For the 2017 transition year, physicians have two options for reporting ACI. They can use their 2014 or 2015 CEHRT to report the 2017 ACI transition measures (based on Stage 2 of MU) or they can use their 2015 CEHRT to report the ACI measures (based on Stage 3 of MU). Beginning in 2018, physicians must use 2015 CEHRT to report the ACI measures.

For physicians without 2014 or 2015 CEHRT, ACS has put together tools to help select and negotiate EHR purchases, including a Guide for EHR Vendor Selection and Negotiating the Electronic Health Record Vendor Contact.

How to Successfully Report ACI

To successfully report ACI, physicians need to report on both base score measures and performance score measures. The base score is an all-or-nothing threshold and accounts for 50 percent of the total score for ACI. Achieving the base score is required before any score can be accrued for the performance portion.

Once all of the measures for the base score have been met, clinicians are eligible to receive credit for performance on both a subset of the base score measures and on a set of additional optional measures.

The CMS website provides more information about the ACI measures. A CMS fact sheet provides more information about how the performance score is calculated.

Option to Earn Bonus Points

Clinicians can earn bonus points by doing the following:

  • Reporting “yes” to one or more additional public health and/or clinical data registries measure can result in a 5 percent bonus.
  • Reporting “yes” to the completion of at least one of the specified MIPS Improvement Activities (IAs) using CEHRT can result in a 10 percent bonus. To see a list of IAs that are eligible for the ACI bonus, visit Appendix B in this CMS fact sheet.

Using the SSR to Earn Bonus Points

Surgeons who wish to transfer their CEHRT data to the Surgeon Specific Registry (SSR) may be eligible for a 5 percent bonus on their ACI score. Learn more about earning a bonus for ACI using the SSR.

For more information, visit the CMS QPP Advancing Care Information web page, or contact Bobby Kopp at or 202-672-1506.