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Advocate at Home: Participate in the 2018 At Home Program

August 2018

In-District Meetings and Events

Meeting with your elected officials is a powerful way to raise the profile of issues and effect change. While members of Congress and their staff are well-versed on many issues, surgeons are the experts on surgical issues. 

Senators and representatives return to their home states and districts during Congressional work periods. In-district meetings are a great opportunity to meet with policymakers nearby and assist policymakers in gauging what is important to their constituents. 

Be an advocate in your home districtPlanning a successful in-district meeting is easier than you think! The purpose of this program is to:

  • Utilize ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy staff to help schedule, prepare for, and facilitate an in-district meeting or event that will leave your lawmaker interested in learning more about important issues facing surgeons and patients
  • Validate your expertise to your representative or senators
  • Develop relationships with policymakers and offer to serve as a trusted resource to your member of Congress and his or her staff
  • Continue to advocate for meaningful change at home



This program is designed for all surgeon advocates, including but not limited to:

  • Health Policy Advisory Council (HPAC) members
  • Health policy and advocacy committee and group members
  • Legislative committee members


Make sure to tweet us @SurgeonsVoice and @AmCollSurgeons using #advocateathome!

Take Action

Congress is expected to address a limited number of legislative issues prior to the midterm elections, and the College has several priorities that have the potential to be considered. Take action and send a pre-drafted letter to your members of Congress via