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Advisory Council for Orthopaedic Surgery News: Spring 2016

William G. Ward, Sr., MD, MHA, FACSGreetings from The Chair

As Chair of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Advisory Council for Orthopaedic Surgery, I would like to take this opportunity to update our ACS members who are orthopaedic surgeons on the activities of your Council and the projects we are working on with our colleagues at the College.

William G. Ward, Sr., MD, MHA, FACS

Recent Activities

Pillar Update

We have been involved with redesigning the committee structure of the Advisory Council itself to align with the new pillar structure of the American College of Surgeons. The new pillar structure is designed to encourage and facilitate greater participation and effectiveness of the ACS members and their activities. The five identified pillars include Education, Advocacy and Health Policy, Quality, Communication, and Member Services. The initial Advisory Council members who will participate on each committee are Ginger Holt (Education), Carlos Lavernia (Advocacy and Health Policy), Norman Otsuka (Quality), William Ward (Communication), and Danielle Katz (elected Chair for the Member Services Pillar Group). The structure or reorganization will not replace the Advisory Council but will allow for more effective work within the various pillar areas. Each Advisory Council pillar participant will be expected to attend meetings of his or her pillar council, which will be made up of members from the 13 specialty Advisory Councils. These pillars will identify common areas for collaborative efforts. The Advisory Council Pillars met during Clinical Congress 2015 and began the process of organization and planning.

Position Statements and Guidelines

Over the past two years, the Advisory Council and its members have participated in and/or commented on development of a number of position statements and/or guidelines such as the Clinical Practice Guidelines and other guidelines or statements on various topics of importance to orthopaedic surgeons, including osteochondritis dissecans, anterior cruciate ligament injuries in adolescents, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The Council and its members will continue to participate in such areas as the need arises. The ACS has endorsed the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ (AAOS) Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline on Management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome adopted by the AAOS Board of Directors at its February 29 meeting.

Statement on the Aging Surgeon

The Board of Regents approved a statement on the aging surgeon, which includes validated assessment measures and a process for addressing concerns related to performance.

Orthopaedic Surgery at Clinical Congress

Ginger Holt and a multidisciplinary team of colleagues presented an excellent coordinated session on soft tissue sarcoma at Clinical Congress 2014, which was very well received. The symposium “Lumps, Bumps, and Sarcomas: The Aftermath of the Unplanned Sarcoma Excision and How to Avoid It” will be repeated during Clinical Congress 2016. The Advisory Council is also co-sponsoring the session “Contemporary Management of the Diabetic Foot” along with the Advisory Council for Vascular Surgery. These important sessions underscore the important opportunities for collaboration between orthopaedic and general surgeons.

Benefits of ACS Membership

The Council has also assembled and approved a specialty flyer that illuminates the advantages of an orthopaedic surgeon being a member of the ACS. Identified benefits included enhanced collaboration on areas of interest to all surgeons (especially in regards to advocacy), enhanced collaboration with colleagues, access to surgical research opportunities, access to travel scholarships and fellowships, representation for orthopaedic surgeons on the ACS Committee on Trauma, and gaining access to the National Cancer Data Base, which is the largest aggregation of U.S. cancer registry data and includes data on more than 100,000 bone and soft tissue sarcomas.

Awards and Nominations

The College is receptive to nominations for Honorary Fellowship, as well as for the Jacobson Innovation Award, the Sheen Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Information regarding these awards and the nomination process can be found on the Honors Committee website.