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Advisory Council for General Surgery News: Spring 2016

Greetings from the ACS General Surgery Advisory Council

The Advisory Council for General Surgery met at the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Leadership & Advocacy Summit 2016 in Washington, DC, to discuss topics and activities relevant to the practice of general surgery. For additional information on the following updates, please reach out to the Advisory Council’s Communication Subcommittee:

Updates from the Council

ACS Board of Regents’ Priorities

Issues that continue to be priorities for the ACS Board of Regents including deficiencies in resident education and training, residency program redesign, gun safety, and the completion of the Quality Manual were reviewed.

Concurrent and Overlapping Operations

Overlapping and concurrent operations and the potential for government regulation or legislation was  evaluated. A section on concurrent operations currently exists in the ACS Statements on Principles recently published in NewsScope. The ACS is currently in the process of expanding and clarifying its position on concurrent surgery.

ACS Executive Director David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS, addressed the topic of overlapping and concurrent operations in his June 2016 Looking forward column in the Bulletin.

Perioperative Surgical Home

The perioperative surgical home continues to be an important issue. In August 2015, several ACS Regents and leaders of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) joined forces to develop a joint “Statement on Team-Based Surgical Care,” and those guidelines are still under review.

FIRST Trial Task Force

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education appointed a resident duty hours task force to review the results of the Flexibility in Duty Hour Requirements for Surgical Trainees Trial and consider whether changes in resident work hour restrictions should be implemented.

ACS Central Judiciary Committee

The function of the ACS Central Judiciary Committee was reviewed as it relates to adjudication of complaints brought against surgeons for bad behavior.

Expert Witness Guidelines

The ACS has an expert witness statement titled Statement on the Physician Acting as an Expert Witness, which establishes recommended guidelines for physicians who chose to act as an expert witness.

Register for Clinical Congress 2016

Registration for Clinical Congress 2016 is now open. Register today to take advantage of early-bird rates. Search sessions by track to see offerings of interest to general surgeons.