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WiSC Subcommittees

The Women in Surgery Committee (WiSC) includes representatives from a variety of specialties, medical students, and representatives from the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Board of Governors, Resident and Associate Society, and Young Fellows Association, and is comprised of six subcommittees.

Awards Subcommittee

The primary goal of the subcommittee is to coordinate the nomination of “worthy women” for leadership positions within ACS for ACS awards, as well as awards sponsored by the Association of Women Surgeons and other appropriate surgical organizations. Nominations are sought by the committee for the following ACS leadership positions and awards.

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Award

The award is named in honor of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker and is presented annually at the Clinical Congress in recognition of an individual's significant contributions to the advancement of women in the field of surgery. Dr. Walker volunteered to serve with the Union Army at the outbreak of the American Civil War and was the first female surgeon ever employed by the United States Army. Dr. Walker is the only woman to have ever received the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest United States Armed Forces decoration for bravery. Through Dr. Walker's example of perseverance, excellence and pioneering behavior, she paved the way for woman surgeons of today.

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ACS Leadership Positions

  • Officers and Board of Regents Members
    • 2017–2018 President—Barbara Bass, MD, FACS

ACS Awards

  • Jacobson Promising Investigator Award
  • Jacobson Innovation Award
  • Sheen Award—On the frontier of medical science, currently involved in teaching and research, cannot be semi or fully retired
    • 2017 Recipient: Melina R. Kibbe, MD, FACS, FAHA
  • Lifetime Achievement Award—Honoring extraordinary contributions and continuous and prolonged service to the ACS spanning several decades
  • Honorary Fellowship—Possess an international reputation in surgery or medicine, and has rendered distinguished humanitarian services especially in the field of medicine or surgery
    • 2016 Recipient: Sachiyo Suita, MD, FACS, Japan
    • 2017 Recipient: Clare Marx, MD, FACS, United Kingdom
  • Surgical Volunteerism and Humanitarian Awards
    • 2016 Recipient: Rebekah Naylor, MD, FACS
    • 2017 Recipient: Sherry Wren, MD, FACS
  • Distinguished Service Award

Association of Women Surgeons Awards

  • Olga Jonasson Distinguished Member Award
  • Nina Starr Braunwald Award

Mentorship Subcommittee

Manage the annual Mentorship Program.

  • Review and revise the mentee and mentor criteria and application
  • Promote the program during the month of June with an application deadline of June 30th
  • Review mentor and mentee applications and facilitate matches
  • Notify program participants and invite to lunch at Clinical Congress
  • Check-in and share resources on a quarterly basis
  • Evaluate program's efficacy at the end of the cycle and survey participants (October to October)

Program Subcommittee

Identify and submit proposals for presentation—including Panel Sessions, Meet-the-Expert Luncheons, and Town Hall sessions—at the annual Clinical Congress, and to identify the annual Olga Jonasson Lecturer.

  • Generate topics as well as selection of moderators and presenters
  • Contact moderators, experts, and town hall presenters to participate
  • Submit initial session descriptions to be vetted by the College's Program Planning Committee
  • Respond to Program Planning Committee requests for any modifications up until such time as the sessions are fully approved
  • Ensure that any and all requests by the College's Program Planning Committee are met by their deadlines with assistance from the staff liaison
  • Work with the entire membership, in particular the Chair, Vice Chair, and senior WiSC members, to generate ideas for possible speakers for the Olga Jonasson Lectureship

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International Subcommittee

Provides resources for international women in surgery.

  • Empower women in surgery internationally to assume leadership roles in their home societies and in local chapters of ACS
  • Increase ACS membership for International Women in surgery – this represents an untapped source of potential members for the American College of Surgeons
  • Increase exposure of international women surgeons to mentors, role models through sponsored and guided travel of ACS leaders to international locations

Personal Empowerment Subcommittee

Supports the College in its efforts to address intimate partner violence and develop resources that focus on addressing aspects of empowerment including how to address incidents of discrimination, harassment, bullying, and other negative encounters and forms of aggression.

Structure and Mission Subcommittee

Continually evaluate the committee's composition to ensure broad representation, and to continuously evaluate and update the mission and goals to support the recruitment and retention of women surgeons in the ACS.

  • Manage nomination and selection process for new committee members
  • Maintain spreadsheet of subcommittee responsibilities
  • Set policy and procedure for service on the committee (i.e., attendance, participation)
  • Oversee subcommittee activities and assistance with organizational tasks as needed.
  • Evaluate the ongoing need for existing subcommittees and the need for new subcommittees
  • Generate discussion/new ideas for new directions for the committee (i.e., Leadership Course)

Web Presence

  • Compose text, image, and video content relevant to the WISC committee, its mission, its members, potential new members, and the broader membership of the ACS. This should be done with the active involvement of the WISC members and the appropriate liaison within ACS
  • Maintain and update content on a quarterly basis
  • Leverage the WiSC website to highlight WiSC-sponsored events at the Clinical Congress

Community for Women in Surgery

The purpose of the ACS Communities is to enhance the communication among Fellows of the College. The editors for the ACS Community for Women in Surgery have a responsibility to:

  • Stimulate traffic and generate ideas
  • Monitor the postings to the website- paying attention to potential copyright issues
  • Approve posts placed in moderation
  • Post events as requested
  • Monitor for important topics or issues of importance to the ACS and bring those topics forward
  • Post on behalf of the ACS WISC as requested

Participate in the ACS Women in Surgery Community.