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Board of Governors Telehealth Workgroup

The Telehealth Workgroup's purpose is to ensure effective use of telehealth for practicing surgeons. Project deliverables include best practices documentation for surgical clinical telehealth practices; identifying both state and national advocacy efforts and policy targets that will be necessary to promote infrastructure, uptake, and reimbursement for telehealth services in the U.S.; developing templates for global surgical care that incorporate telemedicine, telementoring, and remote, virtual education to enhance surgical care internationally; drafting questions on telehealth topics for the annual Governors survey; disseminating educational programs on telehealth to the membership through Clinical Congress agenda proposals, policy development and white papers; integrating telehealth into surgical practice; and cataloging innovations in health care delivery technologies to optimize surgical practice.

Questions regarding the Workgroup can be directed to Emily Kalata, Manager, Board of Governors, at or 312.202.5360.