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2013 News and Updates

November 2013

1913 Legacy Campaign officially launched at the FLS Luncheon

Dr. Stewart announced the official launch of the 1913 Legacy Campaign at the FLS LuncheonMembers of the Fellows Leadership Society (FLS) met October 7 during the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress in Washington, DC, for the group’s 25th anniversary luncheon. During the program, Amilu Stewart, MD, FACS, Chair of the ACS Foundation Board of Directors, and Andrew Warshaw, MD, FACS, ACS President-Elect, publicly announced the launch of the 1913 Legacy Campaign fundraising initiative.

Purposes of the campaign

The FLS was founded in 1988 to recognize and encourage philanthropy among Fellows of the College, Dr. Stewart told approximately 200 donors at the luncheon. In recognition of the FLS’ milestone anniversary and the ACS Centennial, the ACS Foundation’s Board of Directors and College leaders have established the 1913 Legacy Campaign, Drs. Stewart and Warshaw said. The campaign will secure gifts to advance programming that is critical to the mission of the College, while also recognizing the Centennial and looking forward to the next 100 years. Campaign gifts will invest in the three pillars of the College’s mission: The Surgeon, The Profession, and The Societal Good.

Dr. Stewart said at the time of the luncheon that the Foundation had received $825,000 of its $5 million goal. “This is only the beginning of this transformative campaign,” Dr. Warshaw said, asking attendees for their support. He noted that donors may direct their campaign donations to a number of funds, including the Rural Surgery Initiative, chapter programs, education, scholarships, and the Codman Quality and Safety Fund established in honor of the pioneering work of Ernest A. Codman, MD, FACS.

Donors recognized

Drs. Stewart and Warshaw recognized donors who have given at several levels to the campaign. William Sternfeld, MD, FACS, Toledo, OH, and Pon Satitpunwaycha, MD, FACS, Houston, TX, have donated at the Leadership level with gifts of $100,000 and up. W. Gerald Austen, MD, FACS, and his wife, Patricia, Boston, MA; Raghuvir Gelot, MD, FACS,  and his wife, Carolyn, Ahoskie, NC; Mary McGrath, MD, FACS, San Francisco, CA; and Dr. Warshaw and his wife Brenda are Champion gift donors ($50,000–$99,999). Richard Reiling, MD, FACS, and his wife, Elizabeth, Charlotte, NC; William Bernie, MD, FACS, Naples, FL; and Dr. Stewart are Distinguished gift donors ($25,000–$49,999).

After the FLS Luncheon, many new donors came forward to contribute to the1913 Legacy Campaign, including Danny Robinette, MD, FACS, and his wife, Paula, Fairbanks, AK, who gave at the Leadership Gift level. At press time, more than $1 million had been raised.

Dr. Russell & Dr. Hanna: Dr. Hanna (right) with Thomas R. Russell, MD, FACS, former ACS Director and Past-Chair, ACS Foundation Board of Directors

The ACS Foundation also announced Elias S. Hanna, MD, FACS, as the 2013 Distinguished Philanthropist Award recipient and welcomed the following new members in the Fellows Leadership Society:

Mayne Heritage Society

James G. and Cynthia G. Chandler
Gary S. Flom, MD, FACS, FAAP
Robert T. J. Holl-Allen, MD, FACS
William R. Muir, MD, FACS
Drs. Thomas R. Russell and Nona C. Russell
William Sternfeld, MD, FACS

Legacy Circle

William Sternfeld, MD, FACS
Amilu Stewart, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Warshaw

Regents Circle

Ron and Lauren Maier
Carlos and Kelly Pellegrini
Martine B. and William P. Reed
Dr. and Mrs. J. David Richardson
Dr. Kenneth W. Sharp and Mrs. Jane E. Sharp

Governors Circle

Dr. Suresh and Mrs. Deborah Agarwal
John L. D. Atkinson, MD, FACS
Kevin E. and Patti J. L. Behrns
Ernest F. J. Block, MD, MBA, FACS
Myriam J. Curet, MD, FACS
A. Willard Emch, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Forde
Sharon M. Henry, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Masaki Kitajima
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Kovacevich
Dr. Charles W. Logan and Joyce W. Logan
David S. Mulder, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Phibbs, Jr.
Dr. David A. and Kathleen Sweetman Rothenberger
Michael J. Sutherland, MD, FACS
Patricia L. Turner, MD, FACS
Shelton Viney, MD, FACS
Steven D. Wexner, MD, PhD (Hon), FACS, FRCS, FRCS(Ed)
Sherry M. Wren, MD, FACS

For more information on how to participate in the 1913 Legacy Campaign, contact the ACS Foundation at 312-202-5338 or

Panel touts need for technology training

William A. Bernie, MD, FACS (at lectern), leads Tuesday’s Medical Industry Breakfast panel discussion

Not all operations are alike, and neither are all surgeons. William A. Bernie, MD, FACS, got that message early on from renowned surgeon Michael DeBakey, MD, FACS.

Many years ago, Dr. Bernie, who moderated Tuesday’s Medical Industry Breakfast, attended a talk given by Dr. DeBakey. Dr. Bernie asked Dr. DeBakey why the results he shared varied from what others had reported.

Dr. DeBakey’s response: “Young man. Let me tell you. If you operate on the same kinds of people I operate on and do the operations the way I would do them, you’ll get the same results.”

For Dr. Bernie, a clinical associate professor of surgery at Wright State University, Dayton, OH, that translates today to “right patient, right operation, done the right way.”

“Our main goal is to take care of people and to ensure they get the best that we can give them. As long as we stay true to that goal, there shouldn’t be real conflicts of interest,” said Dr. Bernie, who previously served as director of medical affairs at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Cincinnati, OH.

The breakfast, Training Surgeons in New Technologies, brought a panel of experts: Edward G. Chekan, MD, FACS, medical director for medical education, curriculum design, and innovation at Ethicon Endo-Surgery; Charles B. Moomey, Jr., MD, FACS, who is in private practice with Gwinnett Surgical Associates in Lawrenceville, GA; and Richard B. Reiling, MD, FACS, clinical professor of surgery at Wright State University and immediate past chair of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Chekan called on participants to gain a better understanding of the design, proper technique, and limitations of devices.

“Spanning the educational gap only comes after the gap has been bridged by common and aligned nomenclature and structure,” said Dr. Chekan, adding that surgeons should take the time to understand the device, the tissue, and how the interaction between the two can influence patient outcomes.

A vascular surgeon for 12 years, Dr. Moomey said that the traditional training model is history, thanks to the exponential growth of technology. “The model has changed to a more modern, proficiency-based system,” he said. “The engineering of the training of physicians needs to catch up with the engineering of the new technologies. Both industry and physicians have a role in ensuring that training keeps up with the technology. Simulation, as we will see down the road, has a major role in the development of surgical skills and experience.”

Dr. Reiling discussed the history of regulation and the roles of the ACS, the American Medical Association, ACCME, and the Sunshine Act. He pointed to resources such as the ACS Statement on Guidelines for Collaboration of Industry and Surgical Organization in Support of Continuing Education (February 2009 Bulletin); the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities; and four AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs Opinions (8.061, Gifts to Physicians from Industry; 8.031, Conflicts of Interest: Biomedical Research; 9.011, Continuing Medical Education; and 9.0115, Financial Relationships with Industry in Continuing Medical Education), all available online.

ACS Executive Director David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS, shared the College’s efforts to help surgeons gain the needed training in technology, while being cognizant of the needs of government, hospitals, and their patients.

“Our commitment to quality and the programs that we develop on behalf of our patients is priority one. The need for that commitment to extend to how we educate ourselves is also priority one,” he said. “It’s impossible to put either ahead of the other. What we, in fact, see as the future [is that] those two need to be fused in a way that they’ve never been before.”

The College’s coming endeavors over the next few years will go beyond traditional collaboration. “We need to constantly think about what the future is about and incorporate that in our quality improvement and development of new services, and, that’s exactly the business model you use in industry,” Dr. Hoyt said.

ACS Foundation announces new board members

The ACS Foundation is pleased to welcome the following new members and officer to its Board of Directors:

William G. Cioffi, Jr., MD, FACS, ACS Treasurer 
Richard A. Campbell, Esq.
Marty H. McGrath, MD, FACS
Andrew L. Warshaw, MD, FACS

Additionally, four new members have joined the Emeritus Counselors Advisory Board:

Leslie J. Armour
Robert E. Berry, MD, FACS
Roger S. Foster, Jr., MD, FACS
Robert E. Hermann, MD, FACS
David L. Nahrwold, MD, FACS

September 2013

Clinical Congress Seminar Will Review Estate Planning and Tax Issues

Richard A. Campbell, JD, an estate planning attorney with the international law firm of Mayer Brown LLP, Chicago, IL, will lead a free seminar during the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress, Monday, October 7, 2:00–3:30 pm, in the Mount Vernon Room of the Renaissance Washington, DC, Downtown Hotel, 999 9th St, NW, two blocks south of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. At this informative and timely session, Mr. Campbell will examine tax and non-tax issues for estate planning and explore permanent changes in estate and gift tax laws that have been put into effect in 2013.

Attendees will learn about the new exemption amounts and whether they may transfer up to $10 million to their children during their lives or upon death without any gift or estate tax. Mr. Campbell will review the concept of “portability” and how it is drastically changing estate tax planning for married couples. In addition, participants will learn about the new rules for estate and gift taxes (and generation-skipping transfer tax) and why all taxpayers should review their will and trust documents this year.

Registration for this event is free, but space is limited. 

July 2013

Ethicon, Teleflex, and Dana Foundation Award Grants to Advance Education

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Foundation has received three grants that will advance education for surgeons and their patients. 

The most recent educational grants from Ethicon, Inc. and Teleflex Inc. will support the efforts of the ACS Division of Education to provide comprehensive patient education programs for surgeons and nurses to utilize with patients and families requiring continued care in the home setting. 

“The ACS Foundation greatly appreciates the educational grant support of Ethicon and Teleflex. Their funding will help support a patient skills education program that is based on best practices; is effective in reducing complications; implements a sound evaluation to support safe, cost-effective outcomes; and improves health care quality,” said David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS, Executive Director of the ACS and President of the ACS Foundation. “As the College celebrates its Centennial year, grants such as these help ensure that our legacy of setting high standards for surgical education and practice will continue to benefit patients for the next 100 years.”

Ethicon, Inc.’s educational grant of $50,000 will support the production, distribution, and evaluation of a patient education skills training program on complex wound management.  While extensive focus has been placed nationally on reducing surgical site wound infections and complication rates in inpatient settings, there has been a lack of resources available to health care professionals for educating patients on caring for their wounds after the patients are discharged from the hospital.  The complex wound management program will be developed collaboratively with input from several specialty areas including the Advisory Councils for General Surgery, Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Vascular Surgery, and Orthopaedic Surgery; the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses; the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society, and patients.  Ethicon also donated videos and images to be repurposed by the College, defraying an otherwise significant expense for the program.

Similar to complex wound management, there has also been little emphasis on patients and their families who are discharged with a central venous access device (CVAD) for receiving medications and nutritional supplements.  Recent studies showed complication rates for home parenteral nutrition occurred in nearly 25% of patients, and one in three patients older than 60 years of age receiving intravenous antimicrobials visited an urgent care facility with problems or questions related to their central line. 

Teleflex Inc.’s educational grant of $25,000 will support an education program that provides patients with an animated explanation, demonstration, and step-by-step instruction of CVAD maintenance, infusion set-up, drug delivery, and site monitoring. The ACS will develop this standardized interactive program in collaboration with the American Thoracic Society, American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Home Health Nurses Association, Society for Vascular Surgery, American Pediatric Surgical Association, American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association, Commission on Cancer, and Association of periOperative Registered Nurses. 

Find out more about the ACS Surgical Patient Education program.

Through the recommendation of LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., MD, FACS, The Dana Foundation has awarded a grant of $5,000 to support educational activities of the College.  Dr. Leffall is an ACS Past-President and serves on the board of The Dana Foundation. Amilu Stewart, MD, FACS, Chair of the ACS Foundation’s Board of Directors, says, “We are most grateful to Dr. Leffall and The Dana Foundation for this grant to help advance the College’s mission.”

June 2013

Fellows Report on the Value of ACS Scholarship Awards

Kevin J. Tracey, MD, FACSSeveral former American College of Surgeons (ACS) scholarships recipients were interviewed by ACS Bulletin Senior Editor Tony Peregrin and each recipient reported that that their ACS awards were instrumental in their current surgical research studies and clinical work.  Kevin J. Tracey, MD, FACS, explained that his award had a ripple effect on his career.  “I was happy that my career would start on a kind of accelerated trajectory that would not have been possible without this award,” he stated.

The article describes how the ACS scholarship program has had a notable effect on each of the featured recipients’ career paths and why these programs, generously supported by ACS Foundation donors, will continue to play an essential role as the College enters its next century.  You can read the entire article on the Bulletin website.

The ACS Foundation thanks all the generous donors who have helped fund scholarship opportunities for young surgical investigators.

May 2013

Pawanindra Lal, MS, FRCSEd, FRCSGlasg, FRCSEng, FACS

As the 2013 Elias Hanna International Guest Scholar recipient, Pawanindra Lal, MS, FRCSEd, FRCSGlasg, FRCSEng, FACS, was able to travel to the U.S. in order to attend the 2012 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress and five U.S. centers of excellence in minimal access and bariatric surgery.  Thus, Dr. Lal returned to his home in India with an enriched level of training, surgery and research for the benefit of his patients. 

Dr. Lal is just one of the many ACS scholarship recipients that have benefited from the generosity of ACS Foundation donors.  Past and current philanthropy provided nearly all of the $2 million in scholarship funding awarded by the College annually.

March 2013

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Board of Regents has approved new officers of the ACS Foundation Board of Directors for a three-year term, beginning in February 2013. The new officers are

  • Chair: Amilu Stewart, MD, FACS, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Vice-Chair: Christopher J. Daly, MD, FACS, Mars, PA
  • Secretary: Kenneth W. Sharp, MD, FACS, Nashville, TN

Additionally, the ACS Board of Regents elected Richard B. Reiling, MD, FACS, Charlotte, NC, as Special Consultant to the Foundation in recognition of his long service to the College’s philanthropy programs.

Amilu Stewart, MD, FACSAmilu Stewart, MD, FACS, currently serves on the admissions committee at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Colorado Springs. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson University Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA in 1965, and completed a residency in general surgery (1965–1970) at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Dr. Stewart’s academic career has been centered at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where she was instructor in surgery and assistant professor of surgery (1972–1990). In addition, she was a member of the surgical staff at both Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and Memorial Health Systems in Colorado Springs (1972–2008). At Penrose, Dr. Stewart also held the position of department of surgery chief (1995).

Dr. Stewart has been a leader of number surgical organizations, including president of the Western Surgical Association. Since joining ACS as a Fellow in 1974, Dr. Stewart has actively served the College in a number of capacities including Second Vice-President and Chair of the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors. In 2010, she was the College’s Distinguished Service Award recipient. Dr. Stewart was also a charter board member of the ACS Foundation and previously served as its Secretary.

Christopher J. Daly, MD, FACSChristopher J. Daly, MD, FACS, is a former associate professor of clinical surgery at the University of Pittsburgh (PA) and associate professor with the Rangos School of Health Sciences at Duquesne University. He graduated from Georgetown University, Washington, DC in 1967, and completed a residency in surgery at Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY (1972–1973) as well as a clinical fellowship in surgical oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, (1973–1975). Dr. Daly also served as Lieutenant Colonel, officer-in-charge, division of general surgery, in the U.S. Army Reserve (1975–1977). In addition to his academic career, Dr. Daly was a member of the surgical staff at several medical centers including UPMC St. Margaret and UPMC South Side Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA. He has also authored many medical articles for publications like the American Journal of Surgery and the New York State Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Daly has been a Fellow of the College since 1979 and has served the College as a member of the Board of Governors and as President of the ACS Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter. He has been a member of the ACS Foundation Board since 2010.

Kenneth W. Sharp, MD, FACS

Kenneth W. Sharp, MD, FACS, a Florida native, graduated from the University of Florida in 1973. His medical school education was obtained at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD, graduating in 1977. He did his surgical training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, including a year in surgical research at the Loch Raven Veterans Hospital and six months at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England. He served as the Halsted Chief from 1983 to 1984.

Dr. Sharp joined the faculty at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN, in 1984 as an assistant professor of surgery and is currently professor of surgery and vice chair of the department of surgery. He has published a number of book chapters and papers spanning the broad field of general surgery including gastrointestinal surgery, trauma, surgical education, and oncology topics.

Dr. Sharp has served to represent general surgery in numerous surgical organizations. He has served as President of the ACS Tennessee Chapter and President and Secretary-Director (since 2004) of the Southeastern Surgical Congress. His national representation has included service as a director of the American Board of Surgery, service as an ACS Governor, and representative to the ACS Advisory Council for General Surgery. Dr. Sharp has been a member of the ACS Foundation Board since 2010.

Richard B. Reiling, MD, FACS

Richard B. Reiling, MD, FACS, is the former vice president and medical director of Presbyterian Cancer Center in Charlotte, NC, and is the former vice president of the Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation in Charlotte. Dr. Reiling graduated from Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, in 1967, and completed a residency a Harvard Surgical Service, Boston City Hospital (1968–1973) as well as a fellowship at the Lahey Clinic Foundation in Boston. He also served as chief of general surgery in the United States Air Force.

In addition to a career in private practice, Dr. Reiling was a clinical professor of surgery at Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University in Dayton, OH; an adjunct faculty member at the Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC; and an instructor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. He has authored numerous articles for medical journals and has served in leadership positions for several medical associations including the American Medical Association.

Dr. Reiling has served the College in a number of roles including Second Vice President of the College and a member of the Board of Governors. He was also a charter member of the ACS Foundation Board and served as its Secretary and Vice President. Dr. Reiling received the College’s Distinguished Service Award in 2004, and he and his wife, Liz, were the recipients of the Foundation’s Distinguished Philanthropist Award in 2009.

February 2013

Fellows Leadership Society Members Welcomed

The Foundation has recently welcomed 11 new members to the Fellows Leadership Society (FLS), Governors Circle level, and 5 members have increased to higher levels within FLS, through a major gift or pledge commitment.  Their generosity will have a long-lasting impact on the future of ACS and the surgical profession. 

Founders Circle
Dr. Mary H. McGrath

Regents Circle
Ron and Lauren Maier
Carlos and Kelly Pellegrini
Martine B. and William P. Reed
Dr. and Mrs. J. David Richardson

Governors Circle
Dr. Suresh and Mrs. Deborah Agarwal
Dr. Ernest F. J. Block
Dr. A. Willard Emch
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Forde 
Dr. and Mrs. Masaki Kitajima 
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Kovacevich 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Logan
Dr. David A. and Kathleen Sweetman Rothenberger
Patricia L. Turner, MD, FACS 
Shelton Viney, MD, FACS
Steven D. Wexner MD, PhD (Hon), FACS, FRCS, FRCS (Ed)