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Longtime Volunteer Joins the Mayne Heritage Society

Dr. and Mrs. SasserSecond Vice President, Secretary of the Board of Governors, Foundation Board Member: these are just a few of the ways that William “Bill” F. Sasser, MD, FACS, a thoracic surgeon in St. Louis, MO, has served the American College of Surgeons (ACS) since becoming a Fellow in 1971. You may also know him as the host of the Fellows Leadership Society Luncheon, which he has overseen since 2006. Bill and his wife, Molly, have supported the ACS Foundation in almost every way, including a major gift that they gave in conjunction with their son, William F. Sasser III, in 2006.

However, Bill and Molly recently confirmed their intent to join the Mayne Heritage Society—the ACS Foundation’s planned giving program—and are now donors through all giving societies within the ACS Foundation.

“I was recruited by Bob Berry to serve on the Committee on Development (the Foundation’s precursor), once my term as Second Vice President expired. I wanted to continue to serve the College, and I found that its philanthropic programs were a compelling way to do it,” Dr. Sasser explained. He continued to serve once the Committee on Development transitioned into the ACS Foundation and has been a board member for six years.

Dr. Sasser expounded on the reasons to serve the College and ACS Foundation, saying that he had received so much in both his professional and personal life, through continuing education and networking with his peers.

Directing his legacy gift commitment to the Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund was important to Dr. Sasser so that he could help the College where it is needed the most. “Having the choice of where the gift goes is important, and I encourage more Fellows to take advantage of this,” Dr. Sasser said. The gift will also increase both recognition of the Fellows Leadership Society (Presidents’ Circle) and the 1913 Legacy Campaign (Major Gifts Level).

“Giving through my estate plans was an easy way to give back to the College for all I’ve received. I simply informed my attorney and provided him with bequest language to include the College as a beneficiary. It feels great to know that I’m not only supporting the mission of the College now, but into the future.”
If you are interested in joining Bill and Molly in the Mayne Heritage Society, please contact Shane Hollett, Executive Director, ACS Foundation at or 312-202-5338.