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Young Fellows Leadership Circle

In honor of the College’s Centennial, the American College of Surgeons (ACS)  Foundation launched a donor recognition program exclusively for Young Fellows of the College—the Young Fellows Leadership Circle.

This gives Young Fellows the opportunity to be a part of the College’s philanthropic programs with a lower threshold of giving—your loyalty in supporting the College is more important than the size of your gift.

Charitable gifts to the College are critical to mission fulfillment because:

  • Dues account for less than 25 percent of the College’s budget
  • Contributions support nonrevenue programs, including scholarships, fellowships, research, patient education and Operation Giving Back

Your gift will benefit the Greatest Needs Fund, which supports the area of greatest need or opportunity to ensure the continued level of excellence provided by the College’s programs and initiatives. 

Benefits of the Young Fellows Leadership Circle

  • Recognition in the Foundation Annual Report, Foundation website, and donor newsletter
  • Access to the Foundation's Clinical Congress Hospitality Suite and networking opportunities with ACS leadership
  • Development of a giving record for membership in the Fellows Leadership Society, the major gift recognition program of the Foundation
  • Pride in giving back to the surgical profession

The minimum donation is $200 per year until YFA exit at age 46. These major donor benefits then increase to an annual gift of $1,000 through the Fellows Leadership Society

Membership Giving Levels

  • First 5 years as a Young Fellows Leadership Circle member—minimum $200 annual gift
  • Year 6 until Young Fellows Association exit—minimum $400 annual gift

Easy Ways to Give

  • Donate securely online
  • By phone – 312-202-5338
  • By mail –  send check, payable to ACS Foundation, to 633 N. Saint Clair St., Chicago, IL 60611-3211
  • Dues Statement – just check the contribution box when paying your dues

Young Fellows Leadership Circle Members

(as of July 2016)

Kumash Patel MD FACS
Rami Dakkuri MD FACS
Daniel Bonville MD FACS
Kimsey Rodriguez MD FACS
Mark Thompson MD FACS
Manali Amin MD FACS
Michael Starks MD FACS
Michael Sutherland MD FACS
Richard Miyamoto MD FACS
Sharon Bachman MD FACS
Carlo Jurani MD FACS
Scott Gallagher MD FACS
Megan Baker MD FACS
Mallory Williams MD FACS
Brian Reilly MD FACS
Shannon Foster MD FACS
Norma Edwards MD FACS
Kathia Alejandro-Serrano MD FACS
Michael Dobson DO FACS
Gresham Richter MD FACS
Alan Cheng MD FACS
Joshua Broghammer MD FACS
Mark Jones MD FACS
Galina Glinik MD FACS
Travis Polk MD FACS
Scott Pike MD FACS
William Shappley III MD FACS
Pablo Ottolino MD FACS
Joseph Sakran MD MPH FACS
Chayanin Musikasinthorn MD FACS
Laura Johnson MD FACS
Nimitt Patel MD FACS
Jasmeet Paul MD FACS
Regis Renard MD FACS
Margo Benoit MD FACS
Mason Fisher MD FACS
Peter Fischer MD FACS
Adam Rosenstock MD FACS
Hiroki Mori MD PhD FACS
Alejandro Luis MD FACS
Aaron Capuano MD FACS
Lya Crichlow MD FACS
Kristen Eads MD FACS

For more information, please contact Sarah Klein, Director of Donor Relations and Communications, ACS Foundation, at 312-202-5384 or