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Distinguished Philanthropist Award

Mary H. McGrath, MD, FACS, receives the 2016 Distinguished Philanthropist Award from Amilu Stewart, MD, FACS, ACS Foundation ChairThe Distinguished Philanthropist Award was created to recognize individuals who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to philanthropy and to the mission of the College. 

The recipient is selected by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Foundation Board of Directors; the criteria for nomination are:

  • A record of service to the College and the Foundation
  • A leadership commitment to the practice of philanthropy
  • A personal history of philanthropy to the College
  • Service to the larger not-for-profit community

The ACS Foundation proudly acknowledges the philanthropy of individuals who have distinguished themselves through their extraordinary investment in the mission of the American College of Surgeons. We are pleased to honor them with the Distinguished Philanthropist Award.


Prof. Mehmet Haberal, MD, FACS(Hon), FICS(Hon), FASA(Hon) (2017)

Mary H. McGrath, MD, FACS (2016)

Danny Robinette, MD, FACS, and Paula Robinette (2015)

Patricia R. and W. Gerald Austen, MD, FACS (2014)

Dr. Elias S. Hanna (2013)

Dr. Murray F. Brennan (2012)

Drs. Thomas R. and Nona C. Russell (2011)

Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Kenyon (2010)

Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Reiling (2009)

Dr. Paul F. Nora (2008)

Dr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Jurkiewicz (2006)

Dr. Robert W. Hobson II and Mrs. Joan P. Hobson (2005)

Drs. C. Rollins and Margaret H. Hanlon (2004)

Dr. William W. Kridelbaugh (2003)

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Berry (2002)

Dr. Pon Satitpunwaycha (2001)

Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Jordan, Jr. (1999)

Dr. and Mrs. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr. (1998)

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Lincke (1997)

Dr. and Mrs. Neil C. Clements (1996)

Dr. and Mrs. Scott W. Woods (1995)

The Abdol Islami Family and Foundation (1994)

Dr. Julius H. Jacobson II (1993)

Dr. Oliver H. Beahrs (1992)

The Clowes Family and The Clowes Fund (1991)

Dr. John Conley (1990)

Dr. Armand Hammer (1989)